“A Different Beast!” • Tokyo 2021 Olympics! – The Badminton Experience EP. 4


The main event of 2021 is coming really close!

We are of course talking about the Olympics! Who are the favourites? How is the event going to be like? – and much more in this episode of the Podcast!

Also available on Spotify and Google Podcast – Search for: The badminton experience.

Timecodes: 0:00 – Intro

2:40 – First Olympic Memory

12:33 – Favourite Olympic Memory

15:40 – The Men’s Singles Draw – Who are the favourites?

31:06 – What does AA look forward to the most at the Tokyo Olympics

33:40 – Thoughts About The Other Categories

36:53 – Listeners Questions

39:15 – Will AA bring his own food to the Olympics?

41:44 – How difficult is it to adapt to other continents when playing there?

45:53 – Are the Olympics of lower quality compared to other Tournaments (due to Olympic qualification rules)

48:28 – Which Athlete would we like to meet the most at the Olympics?

(Secret: AA is stalking Jan Ø Jørgensen on Instagram!)

50:30 – Is the training intensity lowering now right before leaving for the Olympics?

51:45 – Outro

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