Oh. I miss that feeling!


2-3 days of rain, wind and darkness and the sunny April is almost forgotten.

Usually, the current rainy weather is a perfect opportunity to enter the hall and play, compete, sweat, talk, laugh, take a shower and cycle home with a great feeling of fatigue in the body and calmness on the “first floor”!

Oh. I miss that feeling!

I miss the “satiety” afterwards. The good hunger. The thirst. Having been with good people. Yes, even the pile of laundry, the sour shoes and cramps in the calf muscles.

Wedneysday night, March 11 was the last time. Last time with a couple of hours of training and a bike ride home through the woods with the orange bag on my back.

In my club we have now been jogging together for two weeks. This week, three pre-pubesters, two teenagers and three parents.  Obviously kept distance, both before, during and after. 

Every time I have had my orange racket bag on my back with me to the venue. Just to feel it and have it close to me again.

We keep on running, both for the sake of the exercise, but at least as much to meet again, look each other in the eyes and laugh together.

 We ❤️ badminton!

Per Damkjær Juhl

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