Olympic: Badminton in Paris 2024



In exactly two years’ time, audiences worldwide would have been treated to the opening day’s action of the badminton competition at Paris 2024.

Set to begin 27 July 2024 at the Porte de La Chapelle Arena, badminton at the Paris Olympics will be played over three sessions on the first six days, followed by two sessions a day over the last four days. The competition will be wrapped up on Monday 5 August 2024.

The competition in all five categories consists of group play followed by knockout. All group assignments will be completed by Day 5 (31 July 2024), with the first of the knockout matches – the mixed doubles quarterfinals – scheduled for the last session on that day.

The first gold medal match will be the mixed doubles final on Day 7 (Friday 2 August 2024). The women’s doubles gold medal match will be held on Day 8, followed by the men’s doubles gold medal match on Day 9. Monday 5 August 2024 will be a bumper day for fans, with two gold medal matches scheduled – the women’s singles final in the first session and the men’s singles final in the second session. Bronze medal matches will be held before the gold matches of that particular category on the same day.

“Like everyone else, I’m excited by the fact that Paris 2024 is just two years away,” said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer. “The publishing of the schedule gives participants sufficient time to visualise what they can expect during the competition, while fans who were eager to visit Paris for the Games can plan their trip in greater detail. No matter in what capacity we are involved with it, Paris 2024 promises to be a momentous event.”


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