Score systemet – hvem stemte nej?


Voted “AGAINST” the new scoring system during BWF AGM 22 May 2021

Voting strength = 5:

Australia, Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Scotland, Thailand, USA

Voting Strength = 4:

Ireland, Macau, Singapore

Voting Strength = 3:

BrazilI, Iran

Voting strength = 2:

Estonia, Israel, Nigeria, Peru

Voting Strength = 1:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Ghana, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Guyana, Myanmar, Namibia, Romania, Suriname, Wales, Zambia

To approve the new scoring system (best of 5 games of 11 points)159 BWF federation members present to vote with 282 total voting strength. 66.67% needed to pass. Decision: No Goal Kilde: Twitter @BadmintonTalk

Badmintonbladet / Per Damkjær Juhl

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