The Badminton Experience • Antonsen & Vittinghus • 58!


Anders won another tournament, so that means we are also back with another TBE Episode! 🙂

Tune in to hear more about the relief of winning, a fun story from the final against Toma Jr. Popov, our thoughts on Viktor’s slump of form and more from the European Championships.

We also cover some of the Asian Championships, just as we discuss the end of the Olympic qualifying which has served up some VERY interesting decision to be made around the world when the national federation has to pick who is going and who is staying home!

Enjoy it guys and don’t forget to leave a comment and your opinion on the question we ask in the end of the episode!


00:00 Intro & Anders’ First European Championships Final Win

02:25 Carolina Marin’s Insane Big Finals Record

04:55 Is Marin’s Antics On Court Too Much?

10:33 Antonsen vs Toma Jr. Popov Almost Got Into A Fight On Court?! 🙂

16:22 The Final Against Toma Jr. Popov – Controlling The Nerves & More

21:00 Axelsen vs Toma Semi Final, Popov Family Qualifying Drama & What’s Going On With Viktor?

30:23 Asian Championships – Jonatan Christie At It Again!

37:12 Race To Paris/Olympic Qualifying Update 

43:34 Discussing The Fairness In National Federations Holding The Power To Pick Lower Ranked Players For Olympics

49:35 We Need Your Opinion!

51:33 Outro

_______________________________________________________ / Per Damkjær Juhl

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