Week 4️⃣8️⃣➖2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣

➡️ = China Masters S750, Bahrain IC, Mexican IS

⬅️ = Bahrain IC, Mexican IS

Source: Badmintoneropa, X


“The semifinalists will have a good improvement as 🇯🇵 Naraoka’ll move up to 3rd, 🇯🇵 Nishimoto’ll rise to 12th, 🇯🇵 Tsuneyama’ll jump to 13th, and 🇨🇳 Jun Peng’ll fly to 30th. Another improvement in the Top 10 as 🇲🇾 Zii Jia will re-enter the group.”


“🇨🇳 Yu Fei will return to #2 after winning the China Masters 2023 with also entering the 100k++ club! Zhi Yi will return to Top 10 and put 🇨🇳 with FOUR players in the Top 10 🔥🔥 Our queen of the week: 🇰🇷 Ga Eun with career-high as WR13!”


“🇨🇳 Liang WK/Wang Chang will extend the gap with title on their home soil while 🇮🇳 Rankireddy/Shetty will rise 3️⃣ places to 2️⃣. Three pairs will get new career-high ranking i.e. 🇩🇰 Kjaer/Søgaard and two 🇨🇳 pairs, Chen BY/Liu Yi and He JT/Ren XY!”

“Lmao FreSmus are Europe’s MD2 🤯🤯 They’re not just Denmark’s MD2 👀🚀”


“🇯🇵 Matsuyama/Shida will rise to #4 as well as become Japan’s WD1 per next week! New career-high for 🇫🇷 Lambert/Tran at #21 🥳🥳”

“Lambert/Tran are COMING for The Stoevas 🔥🔥 But I think the European crown will stay at Sofia at least until the end of this year 👀”


“Finish as runner-up won’t stop 🇰🇷 Seo SJ/Chae YJ as the new world #3! What a great year for them after becoming world champion and reaching new career-high multiple times. Good job! 🥳🥳”

Badmintonbladet  🌎🌍🌏  Per Damkjær Juhl 

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