“Goodnight Anders” – “Goodnight Hans” • The Badminton Experience, episode 9


Indonesia claimed the Thomas Cup 2021 title

“Hey guys!

The Thomas/Uber cup is over and out. We share our views on the event and different interesting matches in this episode.

As always we struggle with the sound… Hans-Kristian’s sound is scratching a bit.

We will try to do it better next time!

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0:00 – Intro
02:18 – Thomas Cup summary
09:42 – Congratulations to Indonesia and recap of Denmark vs. Indonesia
16:14 – status on the top singles players
22:13 – Shi Yu Qi’s match against Momota
28:18 – Did Hans expect to be selected for the match against Indonesia?
31:08 – Is China still the most dominant nation in Badminton?

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