“One day, dear Tokyo, I’ll return for sure!” • Part I


In July 2019 I went to Tokyo for 8 days with 9 young players, one coach (Mr Reed), two sisters (Oscar’s and my oldest) three parents. 

We were all accommodated privately, which gave the stay a very rare experience.
To live in a Japanese home and be a small part of their everyday life (eg having breakfast and dinner with all their very different traditions and cultural habits).

We played badminton every day at 4 different places and visited the Olympic badminton hall on the opening day of Japan Open.

We saw the match of Vittinghus and Blichfeldt, and later met with Blichfeldt for a quick Q&A and photosession. 

I hope a group af 🇯🇵players are coming to 🇩🇰 in 2022.

It was planned for July 2021 – almost now, but had to be postponed for obvious reasons. 

One day, dear Tokyo, I’ll return for sure! 

This post is the first in a series of short posts including photos until July 24, when the Olympic badminton tournament starts.

Per Damkjær Juhl 

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