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“Hey Guys! In this episode we discuss the news that Kevin Sukamuljo may be leaving the Indonesian National training, BWF cancelling another 2 tournaments in China, but not the World Tour Finals that are still being played.. – in China!? – and we’re answering some of your great questions!

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Link to Abian vs. Penalver (timestamp – 25:40) :…

0:00 – Intro
1:55 – BWF Cancelling 2 of 3 Tournaments In China Again…
10:19 – The Reason Why BWF Won’t Cancel The World Tour Finals
14:34 – BWF Could Have Avoided Cancelling. The 2 Tournaments In China
18:34 – Stories From The European Circuit
23:09 – Where Is The Line On Unsportsmanlike Conduct
27:37 – What Mental State Works The Best During Matches
31:32 – Kevin Sukamuljo Controversy
37:51 – Anything Hans Could’ve Done Better In His Career
42:23 – How To Get In The Right Mental State On A Day You’re Feeling Off
44:56 – Is Anders The Only Top 10 Player Playing With A Light Weight Racket
46:39 – Does Anders Only Use 1 Shirt During A Match
48:13 – Should Badminton Implement VAR
50:25 – Why Is Badminton Not Attracting High End Brands”

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