“…. urges BWF to suspend and exclude Russia and Belarus until further from the international badminton community….”


“BWF Council is holding a meeting today.

Badminton Denmark have send below statement to BWF. Other Nations and BWF MA’s have done the same.

Badminton World Federation
Unit No. 1, Level 29
Naza Tower Platinum Park
No. 10, Persianran KLCC50088 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia   

Brøndby, February 27th. 2022   

Statement from Badminton Denmark

Dear Mr. President and Mrs. Vice President
Dear BWF Council

Last night BEC on their extraordinarily Council Meeting came to following conclusion:
– BEC condemns the Russian aggression and attack on Ukraine, supported by Belarus, and recommends BWF to follow the recommendations from IOC.
– BEC, at the same time, urges BWF to suspend and exclude Russia and Belarus until further from the international badminton community, including players, coaches, managers and technical officials

Badminton Denmark already Friday in public condemned the Russian aggression and attack on Ukraine, an independent and free Nation and BWF MA.

An attack causing so much desperation, sorrow, fear and horror to the people of Ukraine – innocent people are dying, family’s life and existence are destroyed in seconds, children experience violent  war actions traumatizing them for life.

The Danish Government have also Friday afternoon announced, that they are working for an international boycott, suspension and exclusion of Russia and Belarus from all international sports events and tournaments.

Yesterday afternoon the Danish NOC have send out a Press Release where they not only support the initiative from the Danish Government but also recommends all Danish Sports Federation, including Badminton Denmark, on an immediately basis to cancel and suspend all cooperation with Russia and Russian athletes.

This includes Russian badminton players participation in the Danish National Team League, but also Russian players participation in BEC and BWF sanctioned international tournaments on Danish soil.

Badminton Denmark will of course follow but also support the recommendations from the Danish Government and NOC.

This is not the time for officials speeches about how sports and politics must be separated, about how sports can build bridges and strengthen relations between Nations and people. This is nor the time for BWF to sanction those MA’s, that follows national recommendations and restrictions against Russia and Belarus.

What is happening right now in Ukraine is war, war against an innocent, independent and free Nation, war against our way of living – this can’t in no way be tolerated and must be condemned.

BWF Council must send a clear an unmistakable message to the international Badminton Community, that Russia and Belarus for the time being can’t be part of our community as long as this crime is going on.

Tore Vilhelmsen         
Bo Jensen   
President, Badminton Denmark                
CEO, Badminton Denmark

Badminton Denmark
House of Sports
Brøndby Stadion 20
DK-2605 Brøndby”

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