“I sincerely hope that the BWF stands firm and the Thomas and Uber Cup will happen according to plan”, Jim Laugesen


Jim Laugesen writes the following on facebook:

“I sincerely hope that the BWF stands firm and the Thomas and Uber Cup will happen according to plan.

I have often disagreed with the BWF when it comes to quite a few unprofessional decisions. But this time however, they have really done EVERYTHING to get the sport started.

They have, as other ongoing sports at the moment, created a safe environment for players in the same place for 3 weeks. The same goes for Badminton Denmark, who have worked around the clock to make it possible with security, etc.

ALL countries have been approved by the Danish government.

Yes, I actually feel a little provoked as a Dane that there is so much distrust that Denmark cannot work out such a set up safely.

Now some countries / players then choose to cancel for fear of COVID-19 and security in Denmark. They are in their full right to do so, and respect from here.

But as in e.g. the US Open in tennis, the tournaments must then be held with those who show up.

One of the really big problems, as I see it, is also that ranking points have been chosen. In other words, Olympic qualifiers. You have to have composed music in the blind like Stevie Wonder to not have seen what players were willing to do to be able to stand on a court and snatch their points for the last many years.

I will in no way neglect COVID-19 and the players’ decisions. But what if there is no vaccine before 2023? Shouldn’t badminton be played before then?

I have already seen some players from the cancellation countries say: “Let’s play it in February 2021” How do they know that the situation is better then?

I am very afraid that others will follow suit with cancellations, which will be a disaster for badminton as a sport. Especially because those who have canceled can probably admit that COVID-19 will not disappear in a month, which means that the 3 tournaments in Asia will also have to be canceled. If they choose to line up there, then I can well understand if Bo Jensen, director of Badminton Denmark, shows up with a funny hat and a nice red nose in BWF’s office and asks if the Circus is missing an employee.

The countries / players who have not canceled – stand firm for the sake of the sport.

To the notes of one of Queen’s classics, I end with a


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