Russian Badminton Championships 2020


Russia held Russian Badminton Championships 2020 just a few days ago and we got some familiar names there (and also quite a surprise too!!)

Source: Badminton Eropa / Twitter (@badmintoneropa)

Vladimir Malkov defeat Sergey Sirant to claim the MS title.. He was seeded first tho Sergey’s current rank is higher than him (Sergey: 68, Malkov 73).. Both of them also met at the final of Russian Open 2017 with Sergey’s secured the title.

Evgeniya Kosetskaya, world rank #25, secured the title by defeating Anastasiia Semenova (3rd seed).. Natalia Perminova (WR #60) was the 2nd seed but she didn’t make it to the SF (didn’t know the detail yet).. Hope this win can boost her confidence at #DenmarkOpen2020 ??

Surprise came at the MD final as 2nd seed Khakimov/Zinchenko defeated the 1st seed and 2016 All England champions Ivanov/Sozonov to claim the MD title at home soil.. Khakimov/Zinchenko sit on 72 rank while the Russian MD1 is on 24th.

Anastasiia Akchurina/Olga Morozova (1) clinched the WD title by defeating 2nd seed Alina Davletova/Evgeniya Kosetskaya.. What happened to Ekaterina Bolotova? She also missed the following #DenmarkOpen2020, hopefully it’s not a serious matter.

The battle of ages in XD is won by the youngsters Rodion Alimov/Alina Davletova (1) with Evgenij Dremin/Evgenia Dimova (2) finished as runner up.. Trivia: Alimov/Davletova were 16 years younger than Dremin/Dimova.. Regeneration! 

The list of all winners, data and photo from (at)badminton77(dot)ru’s instagram.. Russia actually have a solid team for Sudirman Cup, such a dark horse from Europe ???????? 

Source: Badminton Eropa / Twitter (@badmintoneropa)

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