“Ban on ‘Spin Serve’ Extended Until After Paris 2024


BWF meddeler kl 11.46 i dag:

“Ban on ‘Spin Serve’ Extended Until After Paris 2024

BWF Council has decided to extend the ban on the new ‘spin serve’ until after the conclusion of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games in September next year.

After consultation with the badminton community, BWF Council believed it best to forbid the ‘spin serve’ for another 15 months so as to not impact the Olympic and Paralympic qualifying periods and the Games themselves.

This follows the announcement on 12 May 2023 where an interim ban was imposed ahead of the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023.

Find out what the players and coaches had to say about the ‘spin serve’.

BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund reiterated that “BWF welcomed innovation in badminton” but added that “more evidence was needed on the potential effects” of the serve before introducing it full scale.

The BWF Laws of Badminton under 9.1.5 of Section 4.1 now reads that the server shall release the shuttle without adding spin, and the server’s racket shall initially hit the base of the shuttle.

The ruling will be applied at the TOYOTA GAZOO RACING Thailand Open 2023 starting tomorrow.”


Badmintonbladet 🌎🌍🌏 Per Damkjær Juhl

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