“How Much Money Do Professional Badminton Players Make?”


Source: Badminton-Insight.com

“Every year when Wimbledon starts, we are reminded just how far behind badminton is in terms of prize money… 💰

Losing in the first round (last 128) of the men’s or women’s singles in Wimbledon gets you $75,926.

If you compare this to losing in the first round of the most prestigious tournament in badminton, the All England, you get $1300.

What’s worse is that this is $1300 for the last 32, not the last 128 which it is in Wimbledon! Losing in the last 32 in Wimbledon gets you $181,001 – 139x more than the badminton equivalent!

If you want to know an exact breakdown of how much badminton players earn in a year, then check out the article on our website 😁”

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