RACE TO PARIS – 11 July 2023


Kilde: @statminton, Twitter

After claiming the silver medal at Canada Open2023, Li Shi Feng rises to #1. The winner, Lakshya Sen is now in the top 10.

After winning at Canada Open 2023, Yamaguchi rises to #1, swapping positions with ASY. All medalists in the same tournament rise in position, with Beiwen Zhang having the highest rising to #14

Hoki/Kobayashi stands as #1, even after losing in QF Canada Open 2023. Meanwhile, Astrup/Rasmussen as the winner rises to #2

Japan now dominates the top 5. The runner-up of Canada Open 2023, Matsumoto/Nagahara is now #2, while Baek/Lee stands still as #1.

Christiansen/Boje is still #1. Watanabe/Higashino is rising 5 positions to #3. The winner of Canada Open 2023, Thyrri/Magelund is now in the top 10.

Kilde: @Statminton, Twitter

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