Denmark Open: Viktor Axelsen wipes out Lin Dan!


Finally came the match everybody at the Denmark Open tournament had been waiting for: The big battle between Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen and the five time world champion and twice Olympic champion from China, Lin Dan.

Statistics were very close before today’s match: 2-1 in matches and 148-147 in points for Lin Dan. The young Dane was very keen on changing that statistics today.

Brilliant start
Viktor Axelsen controlled the game from the very beginning. Down 0-3 Lin Dan asked to change the shuttle for the second time – it was obvious he wasn’t feeling secure today.

With safe and excellent play Viktor Axelsen made sure that Super-Dan never got into the game in first set. In just 15 minutes he had made Lin Dan looking like a lower ranked player – Danish victory by 21-8 and a very pleasant atmosphere at the venue.

Now many would believe that Lin Dan would start his engine and turn up the speed – but Viktor denied him to do so. The Dane continued his high level and the Chinese couldn’t follow up at all.

Leading 11-5 Viktor looked very much in control, while Lin Dan really didn’t look like someone who knew what to do. It was now or never for the Chinese star player if he wanted to advance at the Denmark Open tournament.

5 and 8 consecutive points for the Dane left no doubt who would win today. Lin Dan had none of his usual power and he ended up leaving the court with only 7 points in second set. A true wipe out of the best badminton player ever had just taken place, and the crowd cheered so loudly for their local favorite that one would think there had been an explosion.

It might be that China has Super-Dan. But Denmark certainly has SUPER-VIKTOR!

Congrats on the great victory!

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